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Ten Questions for Identifying Your Dream Career

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We are often stuck in jobs we hate for a paycheck, we fear changing careers and starting again after so many years building a career in one industry to up and leave it for another. When you’re unhappy in your job and unfulfilled in your career it is often mind-boggling knowing what to do next. All you know is you want a change.

Do you change jobs, change company, or choose a completely difference career path? Do you try to follow your passion, identify your purpose or even consider the dream job you’ve always wanted?

Fulfillment, success, abundance and happiness flows when you’re following your passion, driven by your purpose and doing what you love.

If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life.

So, to help you identify your passions and values, grab a notebook and pen, and use the following questions to get clarity on planning your dream career:


If I had to go back to school tomorrow, I’d study 


My colleagues and friends always say I’m great at/should do/would be great at


What I love most about my current/previous job is


If my boss would let me, I’d do more of


My hobbies are

I enjoy them because  

If money wasn’t an issue , I’d spend my days doing


When I retire, I want to be known for


If I could choose one friend/colleague/celebrity/person to trade jobs with, I’d choose


I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do

it’s interesting to me because 

The most important thing for me about working is


Next, review your answers – are there similarities and patterns emerging? Knowing what you value and enjoy is the perfect start to identifying want to do next, and if nothing else, what you don’t want to do!

As your mapping out your dream career, think big, think outside the box – there are plenty of professions, jobs, and businesses where you can combine your current skills with your interests and passions.


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