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Reiki and the Art of Healing

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You, the universe and everything else is made up of energy.

Reiki is a Japanese name meaning Rei (Universal) Ki (Life Force Energy) and is a complementary healing technique that channels life-force energy through touch, activating natural healing abilities and restoring balance to the chakra system. The Reiki philosophy is that when life-force energy is low, you are more likely to be unwell, stressed or have major health problems.

Reiki promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety; promoting feelings of wellness, happiness, security and peace; increasing confidence, intuition, relaxation and clarity.

Reiki practitioners channel energy from the Universal energy field through the seven main chakras to your personal energy field and clears blocks within the body that can cause illness and disease. This universal energy sustains life – and you – and is limitless, there is no end to its ability to effect change.

Any limits placed on healing potential are all human, specifically ego and fear.

Through healing you break down these self-imposed limits to operate from a place of love, which creates a huge energy shift, it raises your vibration and enables abundance and manifesting to occur with ease. Due to Reiki raising the vibrational frequency of the body it enhances mindset and law of attraction results, so if you’re focused on manifesting the life you desire, then energy healing should be part of your toolkit!

It paves the way for creating a life you love.

Everyone has their own personal energy field, which creates and nourishes your body. Any distortions or blocks in your energy field will eventually create disturbances, illness, disease, injury or limitations in your body. If one part of you gets sick then it throws the whole body off kilter.

Reiki is able to correct distortions in your personal energy field, and by doing so it has the power to heal physical wounds and mental blocks, put you in alignment with your soul purpose, increase happiness and fulfillment, further your connection to Spirit and help you thrive in life.

Reiki can treat emotional illnesses such as depression or anxiety. It will address past traumas and stuck emotions (such as abuse, abandonment, divorce or identity crisis) that have not been processed, these emotions create energetic blockages and manifest in physical illness, therefore by treating the root cause the physical symptoms can be alleviated.

It paves the way for holistic wellness, connection, and wholeness.

Reiki clears your personal energy field of blocks, and restructures, balances and activates your chakras so that a new level of awareness and wellbeing is reached.

You have seven chakras in your body and their job is to pull energy from the universal field into your personal energy field to nourish and sustain your body. Chakras are affected by your emotions, so when you repress emotions or delay dealing with trauma, your chakras can become blocked, which means you are unable to receive the proper replenishing energy from the unified field and problems occur.

It paves the way for magic to happen.

Reiki energy healing can be used as part of your on-going wellbeing program for optimum wellness by recharging your personal energy field and maintaining chakra balance, as well as being highly effective during periods of stress, life-changing events and to support traditional medicine. As energy is limitless and not bound by time or space, Reiki healing can be provided in-person or through distant healing, both with the same effects.

Things like…

  1. Feeling more consciousness (crown chakra)
  2. More intuitive, clear-headed and decisive in your decision-making (third eye chakra)
  3. More confident in speaking your mind and expressing your desires, improved listening, and communication (throat chakra)
  4. Filling up your heart with unconditional love and compassion, forgiveness and understanding, which is essential because you give out so much on a daily basis (heart chakra)
  5. Powering up your personal power centre to rebuild your confidence, self-esteem, and happiness (solar plexus chakra)
  6. More stable emotions and relationships and greater self-worth (sacral chakra)
  7. Grounding you to feel secure and stable in your ever-changing role, ensuring your physical needs are met and that you are able to manifest the life you desire (root chakra)
Are you ready to experience optimum holistic wellbeing, connection to your divine wisdom and intuition, to overcome blocks and move through life with ease and grace? Book your distant Reiki session here.

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