Visualisation & Vision Boarding

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Vision boarding is a truly powerful process that really works in bringing your dreams to life.

Join Emma at Avoca Surf House on the Central Coast for this inspiring and creative workshop in which you will get your dreams out of your head and onto your vision board.

When: Monday 25th March 7pm – 9.30pm

Where: Avoca Surf House, Avoca Beach

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Are You Ready To Be Your Best Self & Create The Life You Want?

Join Emma at Avoca Surf House on the Central Coast for this inspiring and creative workshop in which you will get your dreams out of your head and onto your vision board. A guided meditation will help you get a clear focus of how you want to feel, what you want to have and do and what you want from life. You will start to manifest the life that you really want by using images, words and anything else you choose to put together your vision board. Have fun in creating your future!

What Other Mama’s Say

My coaching experience was nothing but positive, I gained confidence and self-worth and felt prepared going into the job market. The process was a huge learning curve but with Rebecca’s expertise, I’m now a confident job seeker.

Shemin Sumar

Rebecca supported me to take a different perspective on my goals. She provided me with some much-needed accountability, she challenged my thinking and generated new ideas. This experience was an exploration around my vision and current goals, it’s helped me to take a different perspective and be ready to move forward.

Tania Jones

Rebecca has a gift of getting right to the heart of the issue in a loving and supportive way. She has an incredible ability to ask the right questions to access your deepest desires and then follows up with actionable and practical ways to make them a reality. She helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward with the next phase of my business and I recommend her services very highly! Working with Rebecca has been a major turning point in my business and how I can take it to the next level.

Claire Solomon

I would recommend Rebecca as the career match-maker to anyone passionate about what they do.

Jana Nesporkova

Thank YOU for all your help. You've really given me so much confidence and you're absolutely wonderful at what you do - on so many levels. It's not easy to go from a doubter to a believer in one phone call, but somehow between your authority, knowledge, and experience, you turned me around.

Heather McLennan

I was feeling sad, confused, anxious, unsure, lonely and nervous. From the first session, you helped me straight away. You have been supportive, caring, gentle but direct, empowering and carry a world of knowledge. You are real and just 'get it’ - that is worth a lot. You see things from different perspectives that I may not have seen. Thank you so much, it’s been a game-changer for my relationship.

Ingrid Schroeder

At a time when I was struggling to see my next step or where my passions lay, Rebecca guided me in a supportive and practical way to help me realise my dreams and set the goals I needed to reach them. Rebecca really is a star coach.

Natasha Grey

Rebecca’s intuitive knowledge and truly caring nature made it easy to talk to her as we delved into some of my most pressing and sensitive issues. She offered me valuable insights that has really allowed me to look at things from an entirely new perspective and that has already created change in my life. The Reiki component of the session was powerful and I definitely have felt some real shifts in less than 72 hours! I would recommend anyone to Rebecca and especially women and mothers who are looking for some self-care, healing and space to express your emotions and find balance again.

Linda Jordan

You want some guidance? You want some healing? Rebecca is the "Real Deal"! She helped me make some huge decisions about my future. Her insight was right on with everything happening in my life. Book her now!

Melissa Heredia

I had the opportunity to work with Rebecca for a reading and healing. It was a great experience! She was tuned in and provided information I needed and validated some of my impressions. She really helped provide some clarity along with great suggestions for my business! I will be consulting her again! If you are looking for answers and healing, Rebecca is an amazing resource!

Brenda King

I am so grateful to have you by my side at this time and season in my life!

Michelle Reynolds

I signed up for coaching with Rebecca as I had reached a crossroad in my life. What you did for me was absolutely amazing and really got me going when I was so lost. It has been a life changing experience and you really helped me. Thank you!


Oh my god, you are incredible. I really can't express just how grateful I am to you right now.

Lauren Devine

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1hr Strategy Session, Half Day Intensive