Mumlife: Spanx, Selfcare & Saggy Boobs

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This week I’m having so many reminders of the changes we go through when we become a mum. I’ve got a work function on Friday, out of town at a posh hotel and restaurant, so I’ve needed to get ‘sorted’.
I’ve tried for weeks to get a new dress and nothing is ‘me’ or looks right or fits, mostly because my boobs are enormous and never went ‘back to normal’ after breast-feeding! My staple ‘mum-gear’ is t-shirts and denim, while the ‘dressed-up-me’ rarely gets an airing.

In fact, I’m really not sure what ‘she’ looks like anymore.

So, instead of a new dress, I bought a spanx bodysuit. To wear under my favourite, fail-safe LBD. Side note: spanx is amazing, it really does suck it all in for a bump-free silhouette!
Instant weight loss.
Next up, shoes. I mean, what can go wrong here; feet don’t get fat. Luckily, shoes were my pre-mummy weakness so I have a fabulous designer collection that I never get to wear.
And I never will. Not one pair fits anymore. Thanks relaxin, my feet have spread so much I’m now selling my stilettos on eBay and will live forever in thongs.
Total ugly sister moment.
Next up, pampering. Admittedly, I’ve not kept up with the monthly grooming I used to have time for. I remember clearly my last wax because she stuck me together. Yes, literally. 
Finally, a spray tan, which I always find takes off a few kilos and makes you glow. Embarrassingly, I realized my post-breastfeeding-not-so-pert-boobs needed a little help when she hoisted each up, sprayed underneath and then blow-dried….
Nope, I’ve never needed that ‘assistance’ before! However, if I want to run around with my hands in the air (like I just don’t care) then I have a fabulously tanned under-boob carriage.

I blissfully ignored her advice to go bra-less: walking through the city without scaffolding at rush hour is not a look I want to rock.

On my way home, I reflect on the huge changes that motherhood brings and the lessons learnt, and I’m grateful.

Grateful that I’m blessed with a child who makes me want to be a better person by teaching me every day what’s important in life: the tan, the waxing, the new dresses and designer shoes, posh restaurants and fancy hotels, they’re all very nice to have.
But what’s really important is how we feel on the inside.

The fact is: true happiness comes from within us and flows from acceptance of what’s happening outside of us.

So I’m embracing the changes, the scars, the softness, the extra bumps and all that motherhood is, after all, they’re the result of growing a little human. Mama, you rock, be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey.
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