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I was sitting alone in Green Park, on a red and white stripy deckchair overlooking the London skyline, surrounded by city workers enjoying lunch and an escape from their cubicle. It was a lovely sunny day and I should have been ecstatic; I had found an investor for my online business, it was a dream come true.

I looked every part the corporate, power dressing city slicker – on the outside. But inside, I was a mess. My head was a black hole of confusion, I couldn’t see clearly or think straight. In fact, I felt like I couldn’t think at all. I was on the brink of a life-changing opportunity that I had wanted, dreamt about and worked hard for, for 4 years.

And all I wanted to do was exit, to find peace from the mayhem in my head. I couldn’t cope. The reality was my life was slipping through my fingers. I felt like I was falling apart.


This excerpt is the first few paragraphs of my story featured in Heart to Heart: The Path To Wellness, where I share my own path to wellness – including overcoming depression to creating the life of my dreams – alongside contributing authors Dr. John Demartini and Bob Doyle from The Secret.


Anyone who knows me, has been coached by me, or follows me on social media, will know about my love affair with manifesting, spirituality, positive thinking and the law of attraction.

This love affair with spiritual learning started in my 20’s when my life did feel like it was falling apart. I had depression and had hit rock bottom when I was introduced to The Secret and used those principles to turn my life around and create the life of my dreams.  So it is serendipitous how I have come to be an author in a book with other contributing authors from the very book that turned my life around.

If you are not where you want to be in life, or are struggling in some way, you are not alone. I know how that feels. Hopefully my story, and the 42 other inspiring stories, on life lessons of healing and personal growth, will help you move forward to create an abundant, happy and healthy life.

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