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Rebecca Grainger

Rebecca Grainger is the founder of Mama Hub, a positive slice of online mama-heaven where woo and strategy collide to inspire mothers find connection, balance and fulfillment so they can thrive.

As a female Empowerment Coach, Career Strategist and Reiki Master, Rebecca guides women as they journey through motherhood and careerhood to become the best version of themselves. By utilizing the powerful effects of energy healing combined with the transformational role of coaching, she supports women on their transition from the corporate world, into motherhood, and beyond.

Rebecca is passionate about the positive impact of understanding the power of ‘energy’ on spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Her desire is for all women and mothers to understand how they can use this knowledge in their day-to-day life to become a more conscious, calm and connected parent. She created SoulMama to guide women on this journey of connection and self awareness.

Rebecca has worked in the recruitment and HR industry for well over a decade and is committed to supporting women maintain or progress their career, and find fulfillment as a working parent. To ensure all women have access to support so they can rise in their career, she created CareerMama, an online course to take women from zero to hero and nail their complete professional branding.

Rebecca is available for 1:1 life and career coaching sessions, 1:1 Reiki (in person or virtual), powerful coaching and healing combination sessions, and full day career mentoring intensives.

She also hosts workshops and retreats (check out the Events page) and can be booked for private workshops or speaking events (please email directly).

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Emma Rahe

Emma Rahe is a Coach and as a Registered Nurse, she has a natural passion for helping and developing people.  After a decade of working in the aesthetic nursing field she found herself not only helping people by enhancing client’s self-confidence but being a sounding board for women offering advice and guidance to enable women to be the best versions of themselves.

After having her first child 3 years ago she began to question her purpose which has led her to become a YB12 coach, empowering women through a unique blend of self-leadership and professional skills to overcome procrastination, gain clarity and re-ignite their passion and enthusiasm for life on the way to having their best year ever. 

As a working mum she knows the pressures of balancing work and home and is passionate about helping mums continue to excel in their careers while achieving work life integration.  Her mantra is ‘she can and she will’, understanding that when a woman knows what she wants she can become unstoppable in achieving her goals. Emma is determined to help women discover what they really want from life and guide them to become unstoppable too.  Learn from her strategies and tools that with make a real difference in your life.

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