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Your vibe affects your tribe, so your happiness matters.

Motherhood changes you forever, taking you on an incredible, yet challenging journey of self-discovery. MamaHub was created to soulfully guide and empower women on the working motherhood journey and our community is living proof that you can create a life that embraces a positive, connected way of parenting whilst being fulfilled in a career that feeds your soul.

Founded by Rebecca Grainger; female empowerment coach, career strategist, Reiki master and mum; MamaHub has grown into a sisterhood of like-minded women rocking motherhood and careerhood on their terms. Our belief is that to thrive, you must nourish your inner world to flourish in your outer world and this website is devoted to providing the tools, resources and support working mothers need to live the life they dream about.

Nourish the woman within


Nourish your inner world through healing and energy work, mindset and mindfulness, and connection to your mother tribe.

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Flourish as a working mother


Find your spark in a job that adds purpose and fulfillment to your life with practical tools, strategic advice and mentoring.


I created MamaHub to empower women with freedom and choice to live, parent and work the way they want, with self-respect, self-worth and self-love.

Rebecca GraingerCareer Strategist, Reiki Master & Founder Of MamaHub

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Find the tools, resources, confidence and support you need to rock motherhood and careerhood on your own terms (but not on your own!)

Nourish the woman within with healing and energy work, mindset and mindfulness.

Flourish as a working mother with practical tools, strategic advice and mentoring.

One-on-one career mentoring, transformational life coaching and Reiki healing.

Meet like-minded women at soul-fuelled events designed to restore and recharge.